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Agronomy with Total Grower Services
Total Grower Services provides advanced agronomy services to growers throughout different regions of Australia. We can support you with full agronomy or specific advice for select areas of your program. Our dynamic team of dedicated agronomists are highly trained and specialise in Crop Nutrition, Soil Health, IPM, Soil Moisture Monitoring, Custom Foliar Solutions, Biological soil inoculants, Integrated Crop Management and general agronomy.

We have specialist agronomists in certain crop types and work together as a team to provide growers with best practice solutions.

We are a fee for service business offering independent advice. We have been operating for over 20 years and have had great successes using leading progressive technologies. We bring these technologies to our growers where productivity gains are evident.

  • Soil Health programs - Petrik Soil Technology
  • Custom Foliars
  • Soil Testing and albrecht interpretation
  • IPM - Bugs for Bugs and Bio Resources
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring - Wisa

We have a research relationship with the University of Sydney and conduct advanced infield research providing infield testing services for research microbiologists.

We work closely with other specialists – sometimes your own on-farm agronomists, sometimes other contractors including manure and fertiliser spreaders.

Our agronomists specialise in field surveys, soil testing and leaf testing using industry-leading techniques and fast turnaround times. Collection of data into a centralised database over a number of years has enabled us to produce unparalleled historical trend charts measuring nutrition, disease and pest levels across geographical locations and individual farms.

The Total Grower Services methodology leads to significant reductions in fungicide program. On average our clients see their fungicide costs reduce to around one quarter of the industry standard.

The Australian climate is a harsh and wildly varied one and causes many problems for farmers. Areas can go from flood into drought in a matter of weeks. One of the most common results of this is soil compaction which is becoming an increasing problem in the Australian agriculture industry. Total Grower Services have been developing ways of reversing this cycle. Through the use of our unique soil testing program we are able to offer insights into how to re-balance your soil, re-generate humus, and get those all important worms back into your soil, thus increasing root depth and air and water penetration.

If you would like to speak to one of our agronomists about how we can help you maximise your farm's potential by reducing costs and improving yield then please use the contact details provided.