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Chickpea Agronomy

Before recommendations regarding your chickpea crop can be made Total Grower Services agronomists will visit your farm and take soil samples. These are then sent to our laboratory where crop specific tests are carried out. From the lab results our agronomists then make fertiliser, nutrient, and soil biology recommendations specific to each of your tested blocks.

We recommend the use of Petrik Soil Technology products and in-ground composting in chickpea crops. In-ground composting is the application of the fertilizer or biology over manure or cover crops just prior to light incorporation. Where manure sources are available this is our preferred method of application.

The mainstay of in-ground composting are the products Headstart, Evergreen and Green Manure Plus.

  • Headstart is a biological combination that supports germination and root development.
  • Evergreen is a spectrum of microbes which kick starts the humus creation process and by doing so increases nitrogen availability and releases phosphorus from the soils reserves.
  • Green Manure Plus assists in increasing nutrient exchange and nitrogen and oxygen permeability.

Setbest foliar sprays were first used in a one off trial in a 2009 wheat crop. The significant yield increase from its use has lead to its more widespread use in chickpea crops and broadacre as a whole.