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Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring
Take the guesswork out of your crop's moisture needs. Monitoring Soil Moisture is a vital part of crop management. It can save you thousands in power and water costs and also gives you the information you require for your crops get the exact water requirements they need for optimum health and growth.

We use the EnviroPro, WiSA and Outpost Central systems because of their robustness, accuracy and quality of application. (These systems work together well for growers wanting fully integrated computer linked systems.)


One of our trained Moisture Specialists will work with you to set up the best monitoring system for your situation. We install systems for:

  1. Short-term moisture management - in which you can either buy or hire the monitors from us.
  2. Permanent fully integrated systems (radio-linked computer-run systems) if you require year round monitoring.

You get to choose the level of support you want, ranging from product purchase and installation through to ongoing service and maintenance programs. We will ensure the monitoring system integrates with your irrigation system.

Our service centres are in Tully, Atherton, Gatton, QLD.


Moisture monitoring allows you:

  • To plot plant water use down to minutes if required. We can determine at what soil moisture level the plant extracts maximum moisture representing its full growth potential.
  • To see the signals in the data well before symptoms appear in your plants. When water extraction declines the plant is already under stress, yet this can be seen in the data well before visual symptoms appear in the plants.
  • To detect and avoid leaching losses from overfull profiles, eliminating fertiliser wastage and environmental concerns.

We believe moisture monitoring is a vital component of high production cropping management. We continually see the link between soil moisture and plant health. Calcium is an ion with low phloem mobility, meaning the plant cannot move it around in the sap. A weakening of the transpiration stream will therefore result in plants producing leaves and roots low in calcium and susceptible to fungal and nematode attack.


EnviroPro Probe

EnviroPro is a subsurface probe that monitors soil moisture, salinity and temperature for all soil types. We recommend this system because of its flexible configuration and its:

  • Accuracy
  • Easy soil profiling
  • Ability to optimise applications and irrigation

The WiSA Irrigation Management System

WiSA captures soil moisture monitoring, sensors and weather data to enable precise control of water and nutrient applications. We recommend this system for its:

  • Precise Measurement - the automated irrigation scheduling allows the system to optimise soil moisture and reduce the time you spend on irrigation.