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Fertilizer Costs Down 60% - Production Up 100%

NSW grazier and farmer John Cordingley has cut his fertiliser bill by 60% since he started using Petrik Soil Technology four years ago. Production has also increased from 1600 Merino sheep to 3000 Merino sheep plus 2200 steers - an increase of over 100%.

Mr. Cordingley has properties at Walcha, Barraba and Gyra and said Petrik products on his grazing and farming country had dramatically changed his operation.

"We've had some outstanding results - Petrik Soil Technology has completely changed the way we farm our country. We discovered Shane from Total Grower Services four years ago when we were trying to find someone who knew about soil biology. A lot of the people who promote biological farming systems are pretty alternative and sometimes they don't have the scientific facts and data that serious, broadacre farmers require."

Mr. Cordingley was impressed by Total Grower Services yield maps and data from our work with banana growers and that was enough for him to decide to try our soil health approach. He first trialled the progra, on oats at Mandula, Barraba, in April 2010. He planted a paddock with 2 t/ha of chicken manure applied directly in front of the oats planter while another paddock was planted with DAP only.

A final paddock was planted with 2L/ha of Petrik Evergreen and 0.5L/ha of Petrik Green Manure applied over 2t/ha of chicken manure in front of the oats planter. That year most oat crops in the district failed. The DAP paddock turned blue with massive bare patches. The chicken manure paddock was better but still patchy.

"But the paddock with the Petrik Soil Technology had oats seven or eight inches high and we had cattle on it. It was enough to convince us. We adapted our air seeder and we now inject the Petrik into the furrows before planting."

He is currently harvesting a 4t/ha wheat crop at Barraba planted with 1t/ha of compost and 1L/ha of Petrik Evergreen and no synthetic fertiliser.