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Tropical Fruit Agronomy

tropical fruit agronomy

Before agronomic recommendations regarding your tropical fruit crop can be made Total Grower Services agronomists will visit your farm and take soil samples. These are then sent to our laboratory where crop specific tests are carried out. From the lab results our tropical fruit agronomists then make fertiliser, nutrient, and soil biology recommendations specific to each of your tested blocks.

We recommend the use of Petrik Soil Technology products in tropical fruit crops where both the soil and foliar products can be highly effective. These products:

  • Increase robustness - building plant resilience to disease and extreme weather.
  • Improve efficiency - reducing input costs by accessing natural phosphorous and nature's nitrogen source.
  • Increase yield - resulting in higher brix and specific gravity.

Our agronomists have experience with many tropical fruit crops including: banana, papaya, avocado, and more.