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New England

Total Grower Services New England has its main office based near Tenterfield, supporting growers throughout New South Wales. In this region we have a strong focus on pasture and broadacre systems.

Total Grower Services specialises in three key areas in pasture:

  • Soil health
  • Pasture species selection and planting options
  • Integration of biological inoculants into mainstream systems for distinct productivity advantages

We have a whole system approach. And our point of agronomy difference lies in our attention to detail on 4 key areas:

  • Nutrient availability and release of locked up nutrients
  • Balancing trace elements as well as macro nutrients
  • Improving soil health to support dominance of quality pasture species
  • Rebuilding soil structure to increase water infiltration

Soil Health in New England

The quality of pasture is influenced by many factors yet it is the health of the soil that is most influential of all. The health of your soil influences:

  • how deeply the roots are growing
  • what species of grass are dominating
  • the availability and uptake potential of nutrients by the plant

In the New England where rainfall varies from year to year, soil structure is vital. Good water infiltration from every drop of rain is everything. And having soil that readily absorbs, without run off, is the key.

Total Grower Services has been using Integrated Biological Inputs for over 12 years now. We integrate the most effective products on the market into any conventional systems to bring growers improved results. The starting ground is always to change the structure and nutrient vitality of soil.

Our focus is two-fold. Help you achieve short-term gains in quality and profit. And also build better long term health, sustainability and production potential in your whole system.

Total Grower Services has had great success integrating biological inoculants into mainstream farms. We have also achieved significant improvements by paying attention to specific trace element requirements and cost savings for growers through better mineral fertiliser balance.

In New England we bring significant benefits for growers:

  • Greater resilience and yield in dryer or seasonal tough years.
  • Activating the soil-plant interaction system to access previously locked up phosphorous and nitrogen.
  • Stronger crops with overall less production costs – at the same time as rebuilding the fertility in their soils.

Agronomist Steve Parker advises growers across:

  • beef and dairy pasture
  • equine properties
  • broadacre cropping

Helping farmers in the New England region integrate the latest advancements to grow high quality crops and pasture.

To book an on farm consultation call 0417 663 627.

To book an on farm consultation contact Steve Parker on 0417 663 627
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