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Petrik Soil Technology's Biolator is used for chelation and solubisation of minerals to increase their availability and usability in foliar and soil applications. Biolator is the ideal additive to all hard water when using phosphates, especially when injecting into irrigation systems, as it prevents spray tips from clogging, and also dissolves and keeps calcium phosphates solubised.

Biolator can also be used for:

  • Acidification of water
  • Removal of chlorine from water
  • Cleaning of drip and other irrigation systems
  • Removal of metal ions for pesticide protection
  • Prevention of mineral precipitation
  • Pre-treatment of manures
  • Preserving hay bales


Usage Instructions

  • For direct soil application use 2-4L/ha in row prior to seeding. Mix with at least 100 parts water.
  • For 100% chelation of nutrients 1 litre of Biolator will treat the following minerals (in sulphate form):
    Cobalt S 300g; Copper S 255g; Iron S 275g; Magnesium S 400g; Manganese S 255g; Zinc S 245g
  • For effective chelation the mixture should have a pH of 5-8. Due to the acidic nature of Biolator, minerals of neutral or basic pH are recommended but may not be necessary. Material applied to plants should be in the pH range of 4-8.
  • For removal of chlorine from water use at a 10:1 ratio of Biolator to chlorine in water.
  • For cleaning of drip and other irrigation systems inject into water at the rate of 10ppm. For prevention of deposits use 5ppm concentration every second irrigation.
  • As an acid buffering agent use Biolator at 1:1000 to 1:200. if alkalinity of water is below 500ppm, use 100-250ml per 100L of water (1:1000 to 1:400). If alkalinity of water is at or above 500ppm, use 250-500ml per 100L of water (1:400 to 1:200). Water should be tested first. For most pesticides, ideal pH is between 4 and 6. Most pesticides benefit from lower pH. Some may be damaged by very low pH - test water and check labels. In addition to acidification, Biolator's chelation of minerals will help eliminate electrolyte damage for further protection.
  • For hay preservation, spray on hay before bailing at the rate of 400ml per tonne of hay.
  • For use as manure pre-treatment - Biolator can be used prior to inoculation to reduce free ammonia and to enable better proliferation of compost treatment micro-organisms. In chicken houses, apply when accumulation reaches 3-5cm at the rate of 1L per 50m⊃;. Re-apply if total accumulation reaches 30cm. If use is based on volume, apply 1L per 50m⊃;. For liquid effluent, use at 1:3000 prior to first inoculation, and 1:6000 to 1:10000 prior to subsequent inoculations.
  • For biological cleaning of animal facilities spray facility with a mixture of 1 part Biolator to 50 parts water.