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Blush is a liquid NPK fertiliser that has been complexed by microbial fermentation and blended with microbially processed plant material. Blush provides NPK in the form most useable by plants, ensuring a quick response and efficient utilisation of nutrient content. Blush is designed primarily for foliar application but can also be effective when applied on soil.

The potassium and phosphorous in Blush are ideal for matching plant demand, directly improving colour and sugar through fruit filling. Especially effective with grapes, apples and stone fruit.

Usage Instructions

Blush is recommended for use on all crops, trees, turf and vines at the rate of 5L/ha per foliar application and 10L/ha per soil application.

Blush can be applied with Vigour for varying NPK applications but should not remain in blended form for more than 24 hours.

Analysis wt/vol
Total Nitrogen 3.0%
Phosphorous 6.8%
Potassium 15.0%

All complexes derived chiefly from plant material.

This material is intended to be sold by a qualified distributor who will give specific recommendations for the crop and area in which this material is sold. Ideal timing and methods of application will vary across crops.