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TRACE ELEMENTS (or micronutrients) are essential for plant growth. One of the most beneficial trace elements is Boron.

To find out the trace elements your soil needs to return to balance, we recommend a soil test. We provide an online soil submission service with full analysis and detailed recommendations if you want to achieve maximum soil health and balance.

Trace Elements are only required in small amounts. These nutrients often act as catalysts in chemical reactions. It is important to apply at the recommended amounts indicated in your soil report. It is possible to apply both too much and too little of trace elements. A deficiency of trace elements in soil reduces growth and yield. An excess can be toxic to the plant and can cause an imbalance, reduced yield, impaired quality or increased susceptibility to disease.

Trace elements are also necessary for animals. Some of the trace element deficiencies in plants cause nutrient deficiencies in the animals that graze those plants.

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