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Custom Liquid Fertilizer


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This product is available by telephone order. Please phone 1800 229 994 for prices, information and to discuss your individual needs.


Our in-house laboratory formulates custom liquid foliar fertilizers with biologically complexed bases that are specific to crop type, leaf analysis and soil type. We have formulations for growers, agronomists and distributors to match your specific needs.

Custom products achieve three important goals:

  • The formulations target exact needs of crops.
  • The formulations have high quality control.
  • The formulations save money on large enterprises - spend is tailored to the exact requirements and avoids waste of generic products.

Custom foliar fertilizers are prepared based on leaf tests and mixed using an organic chelation agent. This delivers a tailored solution of foliar absorbed nutrients when the crop will repsond to them the most. Most of our custom foliars are applied in horticulture via fertigation and dripper systems.

Usage Instructions

Apply as per your agronomist recommendations.

Custom liquid fertilizer