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Green Manure Plus


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This product is available by telephone order. Please phone 1800 229 994 for prices, information and to discuss your individual needs.


Petrik's Green Manure Plus will assist in increasing nutrient exchange and improve nitrogen and oxygen permeability. When soil applied Green Manure Plus provides protection and support for microbial colonies, enabling them to more easily establish and reach their full potential in the root zone.

Petrik's Green Manure Plus is a combination of Green Manure, Cobalt Sulphate and Sodium Molybdate, blended to simplify the application when applying with one of the Petrik's range of soil biology products.

Green Manure Plus is a unique material made from plant matter containing a high mineral and soluble polymer content, which is blended with condensed microbial humified materials in a final fermentation process.

Green Manure Plus is particularly effective where cover crop or fresh organic matter incorporation is not possible.

Cobalt Sulphate and Sodium Molybdate, whilst not required in volumes by the plant, are essential elements in a biological complex, critical for the support of microbial proliferation.

Usage Instructions

Green Manure Plus should be applied with each application of Petrik Soil Metaboliser.

For soil application, apply at the rate of 1-5L/ha.