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Impulse Magnesium


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Impulse Magnesium is an advanced blend that supplies plants with plant available Magnesium ensuring maximum uptake to your crop. It contains biologically complexed Magnesium and microbially digested plant material. Impulse provides increased nutrient intake, plant useability and unsurpassed bioavailability for the plant — meaning smaller amounts of total mineral content have a greater effect.

Usage Instructions

Impulse Magnesium is applied at the rate of 2 – 4 L/ha via foliar application. Dilute 1 :50 parts in water. Add in Hydroboost at rate of 1:300 per final foliar volume. (The penetrant Hydroboost ensures maximum foliar uptake.)

ANALYSIS: Magnesium 4.9%

FREQUENCY: Frequent applications every 14 – 28 days, or as required through the crop cycle.

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