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REBOUND Activate


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Petrik Soil Technology's REBOUND Activate is an important activating formulation that is applied with REBOUND. It provides essential nutrition for microbial proliferation and provides vital support during the initial establishment phase of microbial activity.

Rebound Activate

Usage Instructions

For sporting grounds and golf courses: Apply 5L/ha of REBOUND together with 1-2L/ha of REBOUND Activate.

For bowling greens and turf systems: Apply 10L/ha of REBOUND together with 2L/ha of REBOUND Activate.

Rebound must always be applied with its activator REBOUND Activate.

  • Apply via boom spray, in damp conditions or followed by irrigation to was well into the soil. Pressure should not exceed 30 psi or 2 bar. Filters should be 50 mesh or larger.
  • Can be applied via irrigation or water injection systems.
  • Always fill tank to nearly full with water first then add Rebound and Rebound Activate. Once mixed with water, the mixture must be used within 24 hours.
  • Clean application equipment thoroughly before use.
  • If mixing with town water you must first dechlorinate the water. Use Biolator or dechlorinator.