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Petrik ROOTBOOST is a seed and root stimulant that gives young plants the best possible start.

Use during seeding, transplanting and root growth.

  • Protects seedlings from transplanting shock.
  • Speeds up seed germination.
  • Improves root strength and depth.
  • Boosts resilience in young plants.

ROOTBOOST is a unique combination of vital nutrients, organic compounds and co-metabolic elements. It is scientifically formulated to provide vital support to young plants during their fragile progression phase of seed germination to plant emergence. It boosts germination speed, increases your strike rate and increasing depth of new roots. ROOTBOOST provides unparalleled support for seeds and root development in young plants giving your new garden vegetables and plants the best start.

Usage Instructions

Mix 1ml of ROOTBOOST into every 1 litre of water (de-chlorinated) in a watering can. Mix well and then apply as follows:

  • ON SEEDS: Apply 50mls of mixture to each seed in the trench.
  • BEFORE TRANSPLANTING: Apply 50mls of mixture into soil in each pot before transplanting.
  • INGROUND PLANTS: Apply 1 litre of mixture to every 1 square metre of garden area via sprayer or watering can. For best results, add 1ml SOILBOOST and 1ml SOILBOOST Activate into this mixture to boost soil as well as roots.


  • Petrik products work best with DE-CHLORINATED WATER. Use tank water. If using town water, simply let the water sit in an open container overnight to allow chlorine to evaporate before adding Petrik products.
  • If using a sprayer, keep nozzle on wide low-pressure setting.
  • If applying directly to young roots, do not wash soil away during application.