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This product is available by telephone order. Please phone 1800 229 994 for prices, information and to discuss your individual needs.


Response stimulates growth and gives plants the essential trace elements they need. Response provides plant available nutrients and organic compounds in a biological multi-minerals blend of kelp, microbially processed plant and root material. This highly effective plant stimulant can be applied as a foliar or soil applied, in all types of cropping.

Response enables rapid recovery from mineral deficiency. The formulation translocates readily allowing the minerals in Response to be quickly utilised by the plant.


Usage Instructions

Foliar application: Apply at a rate of 2-5L/ha.

Soil application: Apply at a rate of 5L/ha.

Analysis wt/vol
Total Nitrogen 4.3%
Nitrate Nitrogen 0.008%
Ammonium Nitrogen 0.35%
Other Nitrogen 0.642%
Potassium 0.13%
Zinc 0.8%
Iron 0.62%
Manganese 0.6%
Copper 0.48%
Boron 0.13%
Molybdenum 0.039%
Cobalt 0.023%

This product is intended to be sold by a qualified distributor for specific recommendations for crop and area application. Ideal timing, rates and method of application can vary across crop types.