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A 500ml bottle contains one treatment.



SEPTIC FIX will reset the health of your septic system. It is a powerful organic liquid that removes septic odour at its source.

SEPTIC FIX treats septic systems by decomposing solid material and bio-film blockages, digesting organic matter and inoculating the soakage trench with aerobic bacteria.

It works by:

  • Eliminating foul smells
  • Stopping sludge build up
  • Preventing unhealthy leakage
  • Unblocking clogged discharge pipes
  • Increasing soakage trench drainage
  • Improving trench performance

SEPTIC FIX is a natural formulation of scientifically-complex, broad-spectrum, beneficial micro-organisms.

Usage Instructions

Petrik SEPTIC FIX comes in a handy one bottle one treatment size. Simply pour 500ml (the whole bottle) of SEPTIC FIX into the toilet or drain to stop odours at their source.

For chronic problems, reapply after 6 months.

Septic Fix