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Contains 500 ml SOILBOOST and 500 ml SOILBOOST Activate. Treats up to 500m²



The Petrik SOILBOOST Pack contains equal amounts of SOILBOOST and SOILBOOST Activate. Petrik SOILBOOST is a unique blend of powerful microbes, live bacteria and probiotics that dramatically boost soil nutrition and improve plant growth. SOILBOOST Activate is a complex blend of natural kelp and plant matter formulated to support the establishment of healthy soil.

When applied to your garden soil the SOILBOOST Pack:

  • Creates healthy soil and humus.
  • Boosts nutrient uptake.
  • Improves plant growth.
  • Grows stronger, healthier plants.
  • Supports and activates microbe growth.
  • Boosts nutrient uptake.
  • Increases nitrogen and oxygen permeability.
  • Provides protection to healthy bacteria and microbes.


SOILBOOST is a formulation of live microbes and when added to the soil, large and diverse numbers of healthy microbes start to flourish. The live microbiology in SOILBOOST transforms the health of your garden soil and improves plant growth.

SOILBOOST Activate is formulated from a liquid composting process. It contains essential trace elements to promote growth and two important elements - cobalt sulphate and sodium molybdate. These two elements are co-factors essential for communication between the microorganisms and plant roots. This communication is fundamental in achieving optimum plant growth.

The SOILBOOST Pack works in three ways:

  • It improves the soil structure and builds humus, which is vital for plant growth.
  • It creates an environment that microbes can flourish in.
  • It contains microbes that will help the plant access soil nutrients.

Humus is vital for healthy plant growth. Humus in soil is the result of microbes breaking down organic matter (plant matter, animal droppings, etc.) and converting this organic matter into long chain carbon molecules. The key to kick start humus creation in your soil is to add organic matter and SOILBOOST microbes that will break down this organic matter and convert it into humus.

Usage Instructions

Mix together the following for each square metre of soil.
- 1 litre Water (de-chlorinated)
- Add 1ml SOILBOOST Activate

  • 1. Pour the Petrik products into the water and mix well.
  • 2. This quantity is for each square metre of soil.
  • 3. Simply multiply for larger areas.

(eg. to cover 10 metres use 10 litres water + 10mls SOILBOOST + 10mls SOILBOOST Activate)

Add the Petrik products into the water. Mix well. You can increase the amount of water for a damper application or decrease if using a spray applicator.