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Petrik's Evergreen is a microbially-based material that works towards improving soil structure and fertility. Evergreen increases soil metabolism, allowing better utilisation of all inputs, increasing nutrient and water storage, plant available nutrients and soil tilth.

Usage Instructions

Evergreen application rate 2-5L/ha Evergreen with 0.5-2L/ha of Petrik's Green Manure.

Boom spray with adequate moisture for penetration.

In boom sprays the pressure should not exceed 30 psi or 2 bar. Filters should be 50 mesh or larger.

Apply through irrigation.

Apply onto manure at spreading.

Apply onto manure or green manure crops at incorporation.

Apply onto the seed in water injection systems in planters.

Aerial spraying will only be effective if followed on the same day by rain for penetration.

All application equipment should be thoroughly cleaned.

Spray uniformly on the soil where possible, light incorporation will increase effectiveness.

Where incorporation is not possible irrigation or rain is required to move the product into the soil.

Do not disk in more than 15cm. For row crops use once per crop.

For orchards and perennial crops use twice a year.

Evergreen can be mixed with certain fertilisers and chemicals for application. Consult your distributor for details and allowable tank mixing times.

Do not use water with more than 0.5ppm free chlorine.

This material is intended to be sold by a qualified distributor who will give specific recommendations for the area in which this material is sold. Directions given here are to be used as a guide only.