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Impulse Copper


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This product is available by telephone order. Please phone 1800 229 994 for prices, information and to discuss your individual needs.


Impulse Copper Foliar provides COPPER in a highly bio-available form. It is formulated with advanced penetrant technology, that works through biological mechanisms to ensure maximum mineral uptake.

Our Impulse Mineral Foliars are available in diverse mineral blends – boron, calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and custom to meet your specific requirements. These target mineral deficiency in a highly available form for your crop. We recommend a soil test or tissue test to determine which minerals are deficient in your crop.

Impulse Copper Foliar gives plants the highest bio-available form of COPPER to boost crop performance. It contains biologically complexed copper combined with microbially digested plant material - providing maximum mineral uptake and unsurpassed bio-availability for the plant. This means smaller amounts of the total mineral content have a greater effect.

The Impulse Foliar Range is ideal for all vegetable and fruit plants and specifically on crops:

  • grown in low mineral-available soils.
  • with specific high mineral demands.
  • during rapid growth periods.

For specific blends based on soil and tissue tests we can make custom blends. Please contact us for details.

Usage Instructions

Apply as a foliar application at the rate specified by your agronomist. Timing and method of application does vary across different crop types.

Impulse copper