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Shop - Organic Garden Fertiliser

Petrik Soil Technology has an extensive range of organic garden fertilizers that are Australian Organic Certified. Our advanced bio-stimulants are for soil and foliar application and can be used to improve soil and plant health, flowering and fruiting.

Our organic garden fertiliser products have been developed from our experience in mainstream farming. So you get the benefits of many years scientific research in large scale organic farming brought to your home garden.

The Petrik Soil Technology advanced organic garden fertilizer products give home gardeners the ability to improve plant growth, boost fruit and flower quality, and increase plant robustness and reduce disease. They also reduce the impact of drought - highly important in Australia's harsh climate and in areas with water restrictions.

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Petrik PLANTBOOST is a powerful organic leaf penetrant that will boost fruit quality, increase flowering quantity and strengthen disease resistance.



Petrik ROOTBOOST is a seed and root stimulant that gives young plants the best possible start.



The Petrik SOILBOOST Pack contains equal amounts of SOILBOOST and SOILBOOST Activate. Petrik SOILBOOST is a unique blend of powerful microbes, live bacteria and probiotics that dramatically boost soil nutrition and improve plant growth. SOILBOOST Activate is a complex blend of natural kelp and plant matter formulated to support the establishment of healthy soil.