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Biolator Biolator

Petrik Soil Technology's Biolator is used for chelation and solubisation of minerals to increase their availability and usability in foliar and soil applications. Biolator is the ideal additive to all hard water when using phosphates, especially when injecting into irrigation systems, as it prevents spray tips from clogging, and also dissolves and keeps calcium phosphates solubised.


CompoStar CompoStar

During the composting process CompoStar (L) enhances the microbes that will quickly change the ammoniacal nitrogen into organic forms. Thus keeping the nitrogen loss to a minimum, releasing phosphorous and creating quality humic fractions.


Digestor Digestor

Petrik's Digestor contains a range of beneficial soil microbes that work in conjunction with the plant's root system to enhance the availability of soil nutrients. Digestor also contains microbes that convert organic matter through to humus. The range of biology in Digestor has the ability to function in conjunction with both monocot and diacot plant species.


Evergreen Evergreen

Petrik's Evergreen is a microbially-based material that works towards improving soil structure and fertility. Evergreen increases soil metabolism, allowing better utilisation of all inputs, increasing nutrient and water storage, plant available nutrients and soil tilth.

Green Manure Plus

Green Manure Plus Green Manure Plus

Petrik's Green Manure Plus will assist in increasing nutrient exchange and improve nitrogen and oxygen permeability. When soil applied Green Manure Plus provides protection and support for microbial colonies, enabling them to more easily establish and reach their full potential in the root zone.



Petrik PLANTBOOST is a powerful organic leaf penetrant that will boost fruit quality, increase flowering quantity and strengthen disease resistance.


Rescue Rescue

Rescue is a powerful foliar that provides essential stimulus during periods of plant stress. It has been formulated with vital nutrients that plants need to recover and regenerate from damage caused by incidents such as frost, drought, wind, hail and herbicide overspray - and can be applied immediately after any environmentally stressful event.



Petrik ROOTBOOST is a seed and root stimulant that gives young plants the best possible start.


Setbest Setbest

Petrik's Setbest is a foliar applied material that improves flowering and fruit set and reduces plant stress during this demanding period in the plant cycle. Setbest supports the plant's natural processes and the root system's mycorrhizal colonies (including VAM), particularly in the deeper root zone. Setbest makes nutrients (particularly calcium, phosphorous and trace elements) more available to the plant and aids in fruit setting, health and sizing. Setbest also assists plants to overcome damage from frost, herbicide, water stress, mites etc.



The Petrik SOILBOOST Pack contains equal amounts of SOILBOOST and SOILBOOST Activate. Petrik SOILBOOST is a unique blend of powerful microbes, live bacteria and probiotics that dramatically boost soil nutrition and improve plant growth. SOILBOOST Activate is a complex blend of natural kelp and plant matter formulated to support the establishment of healthy soil.