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Rescue is a powerful foliar that provides essential stimulus during periods of plant stress. It has been formulated with vital nutrients that plants need to recover and regenerate from damage caused by incidents such as frost, drought, wind, hail and herbicide overspray - and can be applied immediately after any environmentally stressful event.

Rescue provides plants with essential nutrition during major stress periods.

Rescue is a versatile foliar material that can be effectively applied at any stage of the crop's growth cycle to help with stress or to give your crop an extra boost of vitality. It is highly effective when applied immediately after a stress event, giving plants a nutritional boost.

Usage Instructions

Rescue is recommended as a foliar application on crops, turf, trees and vines at the rate of 2-5L/ha.

Analysis wt
Total Nitrogen 4.3%
Nitrate Nitrogen 0.7%
Ammonium Nitrogen 1.95%
Other Nitrogen 1.65%
Phosphorous - water soluble 1.6%
Potassium 3.0%

All complexes derived chiefly from plant materials.

This product is intended to be sold by a qualified distributor for specific recommendations for crop and area application. Ideal timing, rates and method of application can vary across crop types.