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Shop - P3K Foliars


The Petrik P3K Foliars bring bio-stimulant technology to Australian growers.

P3K offers breakthrough technology that assists plants at key growth phrases. The P3K mechanism works through biological pathways to build plant strength and endurance.

The products are for 3 key stages of crop growth:

  • Setbest for flowering, fruit fill and setting, and all round crop growth.
  • Finisher for the valuable last pre-harvest residence phase.
  • Rescue to apply immediately after any stress event for plant recovery and regeneration from damage.

These powerful products are ideal across all horticulture, orchard and viticulture systems. They have a reputation in generating outstanding results across Australia, from the banana crops of the Wet Tropics in North Queensland to the apple and cherry orchards in Victoria.


Finisher Finisher

Finisher is a foliar bio-stimulant that gives grapes, berries and fruit crops an essential biological boost during the demanding finishing stage of growth. This advanced formulation builds plant resilience. It also helps plants overcome late stage damage from frost, herbicide, water stress, mites any other environmental stress factors.


HydroBoost HydroBoost

Petrik's HydroBoost is the ultimate spreader/penetrant for foliar nutrient applications. HydroBoost employs a revolutionary technology to achieve complete surface coverage and effective penetration of foliar sprays. HydroBoost is specifically designed for spreading of spray solutions and for ultra-fast penetration, ensuring that applied nutrients will be pulled into the leaf.


Rescue Rescue

Rescue is a powerful foliar that provides essential stimulus during periods of plant stress. It has been formulated with vital nutrients that plants need to recover and regenerate from damage caused by incidents such as frost, drought, wind, hail and herbicide overspray - and can be applied immediately after any environmentally stressful event.


Setbest Setbest

Petrik's Setbest is a foliar applied material that improves flowering and fruit set and reduces plant stress during this demanding period in the plant cycle. Setbest supports the plant's natural processes and the root system's mycorrhizal colonies (including VAM), particularly in the deeper root zone. Setbest makes nutrients (particularly calcium, phosphorous and trace elements) more available to the plant and aids in fruit setting, health and sizing. Setbest also assists plants to overcome damage from frost, herbicide, water stress, mites etc.