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The Petrik soil inoculants work through advanced biological mechanisms and are at the core of the productivity advantages Petrik Soil Technology brings to growers in Australia.

There are three core inoculants depending on your crop and soil type:

  • Digestor - for all horticulture, orchards, cotton and dicot cropping.
  • Digestor Challenge - for the sodic soils of Australia.
  • Evergreen - for monocot and grass systems.

Each of these inoculants is always applied with the microbial activator Green Manure Plus to ensure initial microbial establishment and maximum soil stimulus.

For water infiltration problems and non-wetting soils we include Infiltrate in the mix. This is usually only required in the first year. Once the soil inoculants start to build humus and soil structure, the Infiltrate will no longer be needed.


Digestor Digestor

Petrik's Digestor contains a range of beneficial soil microbes that work in conjunction with the plant's root system to enhance the availability of soil nutrients. Digestor also contains microbes that convert organic matter through to humus. The range of biology in Digestor has the ability to function in conjunction with both monocot and diacot plant species.

Digestor Challenge

Digestor Challenge Digestor Challenge

Digestor Challenge is an advanced microbial soil inoculant formulated to handle the challenge of sodic soils in Australia. Its unique multi-strained microbes, fungi and beneficial bacteria builds humus, improves soil structure and boosts crop performance. It contains species of biology that can operate in this higher pH higher sodium environment.


Evergreen Evergreen

Petrik's Evergreen is a microbially-based material that works towards improving soil structure and fertility. Evergreen increases soil metabolism, allowing better utilisation of all inputs, increasing nutrient and water storage, plant available nutrients and soil tilth.

Green Manure Plus

Green Manure Plus Green Manure Plus

Petrik's Green Manure Plus will assist in increasing nutrient exchange and improve nitrogen and oxygen permeability. When soil applied Green Manure Plus provides protection and support for microbial colonies, enabling them to more easily establish and reach their full potential in the root zone.


Infiltrate Infiltrate

Infiltrate is a biological soil softener and aerator. It helps improve water infiltration in hydrophobic soils and eliminates water logging, increases nutrient exchange and improves nitrogen and oxygen permeability. It assists hydrophobic soils by breaking down wax residue. The organic surface-active agents in Infiltrate enable water to penetrate into heavy clay soils and impermeable sands.