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GREENBOOST is a dynamic foliar that works through both biological and chemical pathways to improve Golf Courses, Bowling Greens and any Sporting Fields. It is foliar applied for direct tissue uptake of key nutrients and will improve the quality, evenness and growth of any sporting field.



Petrik Soil Technology's REBOUND is a microbially formulated bio-stimulant for sporting grounds, golf courses, bowling greens and turf systems. REBOUND works by activating the soil's microbiology to build vital humus and increase nutrient uptake. It reduces thatch build up, helps prevent disease and improves water holding capacity.

REBOUND Activate

REBOUND Activate REBOUND Activate

Petrik Soil Technology's REBOUND Activate is an important activating formulation that is applied with REBOUND. It provides essential nutrition for microbial proliferation and provides vital support during the initial establishment phase of microbial activity.