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Agricultural Soil Testing in Tully

soil testing
In agriculture, soil testing is used to measure its nutrient and chemical composition in order to return it to it optimum levels.

When testing soils, what many agronomists fail to realise is that different crops require different nutrients. There is no point in applying a one-size-fits-all methodology in agriculture as it can actually decrease yield of a crop.

The Total Grower Services agronomists use a unique soil testing system that has been in development for over 60 years. This allows us to recommend different applications dependant on crop and geographical location.

The Australian climate is a harsh and wildly varied one and causes many problems for farmers. Areas can go from flood into drought in a matter of weeks. One of the most common results of this is soil compaction which is becoming an increasing problem in the Australian agriculture industry. Total Grower Services have been developing ways of reversing this cycle. Through the use of our unique soil testing program we are able to offer insights into how to re-balance your soil, re-generate humus, and get those all important worms back into your soil, thus increasing root depth and air and water penetration.

If you would like to speak to one of our agronomists about how we can help you maximise your farm's potential by reducing costs and improving yield then please use the contact details provided.