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Atherton Tablelands

Total Grower Services has expanded its services into the Atherton Tablelands region. With its office in Atherton we offer full agronomy services to growers including:

  • Soil Health Programs
  • Plant Nutrition Programs
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Pest Scouting
  • Disease management
  • Petrik Soil Technology
  • Bug for Bugs Pest Management

Our extensive experience in improving soil health and managing disease in Far North Queensland brings a specialty expertise to this region. Our team of agronomists have extensive experience across different systems throughout Australia managing pasture, cropping, horticulture and orchards. Our agronomy systems are applicable to all agricultural systems.

Whole System Approach

We pay particular attention to:

  • Rebuilding soil health
  • Nutrient availability and release of locked up nutrients
  • Balancing trace elements as well as macro nutrients
  • Rebuilding soil structure to increase water infiltration
  • Plant health for disease control

Our system allows management of Biological Inputs into conventional systems to tap into the benefits of both.

We have helped growers achieve significant improvements through integrating:

  • Petrik Soil Technology system to soil and plant health
  • Bugs for bugs approaches to pest management
  • Albrecht soil testing and analysis

We can mange as little or as much as you, our clients, want – ranging from simple recommendations to pest monitoring, soil moisture monitoring and full nutritional programs.

Soil Health in the Tablelands

Our speciality is soil health and our experience in diverse soils including dense and compacted soils offers growers in the Tablelands access to leading practices that increase productivity.

We have achieved sustainable productivity improvements for our clients through rebuilding soil vitality.

Reducing Disease Susceptibility

By improving the health of the soil, our growers are getting benefits not only in yield gains, but also in disease management, quality and flavour. When the soil is balanced, with the right biological and chemical elements, the whole system become more robust and resilient to all stresses such as water stress, heat stress, frost or waterlogging.

The health of soil and chemical balance impacts the disease resistance of plants. Many common diseases, such as potato scab, are being effectively managed with little and sometime no fungicide amendments by improving the soil health and chemical balance. The overall system improvement provides a more resilient crop.

Increased Nutrient Availability

By using biological inputs, integrated with mineral and trace inputs, the overall, nutrient uptake improves. Elements such as locked up phosphorous start to become pant available. Many of our growers have found they no longer need to use single super phosphates as well as improved nitrogen efficiency saving money and providing sustainable practices that are reef-safe.

Biological Approaches

We use leading products on the market. With our team of agronomist are trained in integrating the best of biological inputs into conventional systems, some of the advanced products have a significant impact on flowering, fruit fill and flavour.

We have had tremendous success using Petrik Soil Technology’s range of soil inoculants and foliar sprays. These products rebuild the health of your farming system and together with attention to detail in agronomy, water management and disease and pest management, the whole system starts to reach its potential.

Pest Management

We are linked to the University and are conducting leading research on advances in disease and pest management techniques. We also work closely with some of Australia’s leaders in the field and use integrated approaches such as Bugs for Bugs insects to manage pest problems.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Water is critical in quality production. Ensuring you have soil structure that allows for maximum water infiltration and rooting depth is fundamental in our approach. We also help you set up soil moisture monitoring systems so you are not wasting watering costs.

Ring to find out how we can help you manage specific issues or increase your overall productivity.

To book an on farm consultation call Roop Sandhu on 0448 020 932.
Atherton Tablelands Atherton Tablelands Atherton Tablelands Atherton Tablelands