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Blueberry Agronomy

Blueberry agronomy
Fruit quality and yield is everything in blueberries. At Total Grower Services we have specialist agronomic skills in blueberries, in particular soil health, nutrition and integrated crop management. Our focus is on building a resilient system that maximises productivity – helping growers achieve their goals of high yield as well as size, texture and flavour.

Biological Inputs

Our experience in biological integration, soil health and mineral balancing allows us to achieve a production system for blueberry growers, that is chemically, physically and biologically healthy.

Blueberries are highly responsive to biological inputs and our blueberry agronomists achieve production gains to growers as well as system robustness.

We use Petrik Soil Technology biological inputs to achieve impressive returns for growers and as a business have extensive experience in integrating these biological inputs with conventional inputs for maximum performance.

Soil Health and Nutrient Availability

Soil health plays a vital role in disease management and fruit quality and we utilise Petrik Soil Technology for its advanced biological inputs and successes in blueberry crops.

Nutrient Availability

One of our specialities is increasing nutrient availability. Biological inputs help us achieve this.

Phosphorus is a biologically driven element and it is critical for cell development, DNA formation and all biochemical processes in plants. The blueberries in the Coffs harbour, Woolgoolga, Corindi area are high in soil phosphorous and it is this phosphorus that we help growers to access. Through the mechanism in Petrik soil inoculant Digestor we can efficiently use the soil reserves of this element, which means greater yield and improved fruit quality while saving on the phosphorous fertiliser costs.

Total Grower Services uses sustainable and latest advances in blueberry production. We have blueberry agronomists trained and experienced in advanced Integrated Crop Management technology.

Trace Elements and Foliar Programs

Trace elements act as catalyst in many biochemical process and deficiency can limit the productivity of plants despite good supply of NPK. A customised program of foliar trace elements is important in supplying the trace elements in the required amounts at the right time. The range between deficiency and toxicity is quite narrow so agronomic advice should be taken before any application.

Getting Started

Total Grower Services can work in with your current system and do part programs of soil health recommendations and biological integration or provide full blueberry agronomy services. We look forward to supporting your production team to achieve best crop productivity.