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Burnett Bundaberg - QLD

Total Grower Services offers growers in the Burnett Bundaberg region advanced Integrated Crop Management and agronomy services:

  • Soil Health Programs
  • Plant Nutrition Programs
  • Crop Monitoring and IPM
  • Disease management
  • Petrik Soil Technology
  • Bug for Bugs Pest Management

Our team of agronomists at Total Grower services, located throughout the east coast of Australia, have extensive experience across different crops in improving soil health, managing disease and in integrated pest management - in horticulture, orchards, pasture and cropping.

Our Whole System Results Approach

We always look at the whole system and all the influencing factors and how the different elements impact each other. Farming success requires a broad and integrated viewpoint.

We can manage as little or as much as you, our clients, want – ranging from simple recommendations to pest monitoring, soil moisture monitoring and full nutritional programs.

Soil Health in the Burnett River

Soil health is fundamental in the advantages we get for growers. We have a reputation in giving growers nutritional advantages, productivity improvements and disease management solutions through balancing soil systems.

We pay particular attention to:

  • Rebuilding soil health
  • Nutrient availability and release of locked up nutrients
  • Balancing trace elements as well as macro nutrients
  • Rebuilding soil structure to increase water infiltration

Our partnership with microbiologists at Sydney University is fundamental in us bringing growers the latest research and advances in soil health, nutrient uptake and disease and pest management techniques.

We also work closely with some of Australia’s leaders in the field from Petrik Soil Technology in Australia and USA.

Biological Inputs and Nutrient Uptake

We have achieved great success for our growers thorough our integrated approach and the incorporation of biological inputs. Our agronomists are trained in integrating the best available biological inputs into conventional systems – with measureable benefits on flowering, fruit fill and flavor, as well as yield.

By using biological inputs, integrated with mineral and trace inputs, the overall, nutrient uptake improves. Elements such as locked up phosphorous start to become pant available. Many of our growers have found they no longer need to use single super phosphates as well as improved nitrogen efficiency saving money and providing sustainable practices for long term profit.

Disease Management

By improving the health of the soil, our growers are getting benefits not only in yield gains, but also in disease management, quality and flavour. When the soil is balanced, with the right biological and chemical elements, the whole system become more robust and resilient to all stresses such as water stress, heat stress, frost or waterlogging.

The health of soil and chemical balance impacts the disease resistance of plants. Many common diseases, such as potato scab, are being effectively managed with little and sometime no fungicide amendments by improving the soil health and chemical balance. The overall system improvement provides a more resilient crop.

Pest Management

We provide IPM services and work in close partnership with IPM scientists and IPM businesses such as Bugs for Bugs and BioResources for pest management. We bring growers the latest in pest management and integrated solutions with extensive infield experience in using IPM in diverse crop types.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of your crop's moisture needs. Monitoring Soil Moisture is a vital part of crop management. It can save you thousands in power and water costs and also gives you the information you require for your crops get the exact water requirements they need for optimum health and growth.

To book an on farm consultation please call Anthony Dove on 0474 124 117 (email
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