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Citrus Agronomy

Citrus agronomy
Total Grower Services have specialists in citrus agronomy and provide a leading citrus agronomy service. Our expertise at Total Grower Services in IPM, soil health, soil nutrition and integrated crop management give citrus growers in Australia access to the most advanced agronomy solutions available.

Our focus in citrus is to increase yield and fruit quality and better manage the plant and soil health issues facing citrus growers.


We provide monitoring services in key locations and work closely with citrus growers and marketing groups to give relevant real time data.

Accurate and efficient monitoring is the cornerstone of a successful IPM program. Correct identification of pests and diseases including life stage, number, distribution and knowing what levels of beneficials will control a situation at different times of the growth stage of the fruit and the plant is critical.

We provide regular monitoring combined with professional reporting to give citrus growers knowledge and peace of mind.

Nutrient Availability and Soil Health

Citrus trees benefit enormously from biological balancing. In citrus we pay significant attention to nutrient availability through soil health and biological inputs. The use of advanced bio-stimulants has transformed the results we get in all orchard plantations and tree crops.

Soil Inoculants
In citrus we use Digestor and its Activator GMP to improve soil structure, water infiltration and rooting depth and mass. The gains transfer through to plant robustness, disease management and fruit quality.

Establishing Plant Driven Nutrient Availability
Soil inoculants support the work of IPM. When the plant gets its nutrition from its own plant driven fertile system, less nitrogen and other inputs that attract pests are in the system. Through the use of biology we can maintain peak productivity with lower nitrogen inputs that are known to light up pest activity.

Increasing Phosphorus Availability
Phosphorus availability is highly linked to proliferation of specific phosphorous solubilising biology. When phosphorous is supplied to the plant via this mechanism the supply of phosphorus becomes plant driven, meaning nutrient supply increases at the stages the plant demands it.

Custom Foliars

Mineral foliars can be custom formulated to your farm requirements. This helps growers achieve improved results without input cost wastage.

In tree crops and orchards we have great success using the bio-stimulant foliar Setbest for its powerful growth support mechanism. It works through biological pathways to provide maximum plant resilience at the key growth stages - flowering, fruit set and fruit fill. It also can be applied to support stress recovery in citrus.

TGS Agronomy Locations

North Queensland
Tully, Innisfail, Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Bowen, Home Hill

South East Queensland
Gatton, Laidley, Kingaroy, Bundaberg, Burnett

Shepparton, Euroa, Seymour