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Custom Foliar Sprays

Custom foliar sprays
Total Grower Services Laboratory formulates custom foliars for growers throughout Australia. These foliars are formulated specifically for your crop needs and local growing conditions.

We can formulate for individual growers or for grower crop groups in diverse regional areas – ensuring you address the specific requirements your crop needs for optimum performance in a cost effective way.

We use advanced organic complexing and chelation agents in our custom foliars — ensuring maximum uptake, speed and penetration capacity, without product loss.

  • Custom biological formulations
  • Custom macro mineral formulations
  • Custom trace element formulations

All custom foliars can be formulated to organic guidelines or conventional. Our foliars offer growers the latest science utilising both biological and chemical pathways of interaction.

Key Benefits of Custom Foliars

Save money: give your crop exactly what it needs without wastage.

Advanced formulations: we use advanced formulations that work through both chemical and biological pathways.

Advanced penetration: we include Hydroboost to ensure maximum foliar uptake, speed and penetration without product loss.

Preparation based on leaf tests: we provide a leaf testing service to assess your crop specific requirements.

Advanced chelation agent: we mix using a highly advanced organic chelation agent, utilising the latest technology.

Tailored solutions: providing nutrients when the crop will respond to them the most.