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Agronomy in Dairy Farming

dairy agronomy

Total Grower Services have enjoyed great success in dairy farming agronomy. We usually recommend a modified fertiliser program along with a combination of Pproducts Evergreen and Green Manure Plus depending on the results of your soil test. These products are used within a wide range of production models from full organic to high intensity dairy. Most producers use the biological program to give better production with reduced inputs and improved herd health.

NSW grazier and farmer John Cordingley cut his fertiliser bill by 60% since he started using the Total Grower Services recommended fertiliser program four years ago. Stewart Bulmer at Bolivia Station now grazes more than double the number of animals on the same area of land since we started our five step agronomy process at his farm.

One of the biggest problems facing Australian dairy farmers is soil compaction. The creation of stable humus by Evergreen and Digestor loosens the soil and allows increased water infiltration, penetration by roots and, very importantly, worms. This, in turn, improves the growth rate and digestible fibre within the pasture which then improves the rate at which edibile stock becomes ready for market.