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Improving Soil Health

Soil health

Soil health and crop nutrition is fundamental in what we do. Maintaining optimum soil health is the key to crop health and performance. We assess soil on multiple levels:

  • Balance
  • Health
  • Structure

As well as cover crops, rotational cycles, nutritional requirements and biological balance we use advanced soil inoculants to significantly lift soil health in large scale systems.

Petrik Soil Technology has been fundamental in our success in crop performance and disease management. The mechanism in this technology to build humus and increase nutrient release has allowed us to lift production in profitable ways.

Soil Health Produces Whole System Benefits

The benefits that arise from improving the health of your soil are enormous with gains in:

  • Improved rooting depth
  • Better water infiltration
  • Increased water holding capacity
  • Increased nutrient availability
  • Improved resilience and drought tolerance
  • Reductions in plant disease

The productivity gains extend into crop yield and quality too. In horticulture, the foliar bio-stimulants improve fruit and vegetable quality, size, firmness and packability – equating to measureable profit gains.

Certified in Petrik Soil Technology

All our agronomists are certified in Petrik Soil Technology assessment and nutrition programs. The technology is easy for growers to integrate and has changed the way some of Australia’s largest producers achieve their productivity and profit success. Grower case stories are available on request.

Nutrient Availability

Petrik Soil Technology increases nutrient availability. This has been significant for our growers. The micro-organisms in Petrik soil products are phosphorus solubalising and nitrogen fixing, allowing us to optimally access what is already in your soil.

To the surprise of many of our growers we can completely remove synthetic phosphorous inputs and dramatically reduce the input costs of nitrogen. We service over 50% of Australian banana growers using this system and some of Australia’s largest producers have not used synthetic phosphorous inputs for 10 years.

By paying attention to biological balance and stimulating the natural processes, we have dramatically reduced fungicide usage in all our clients systems.

About Petrik Soil Technology

The Petrik range of products are the most advanced bio-stimulants available on the market today and research is fundamental in their operations.

The business is in partnership with the University of Sydney leading the way in groundbreaking research using DNA sequencing technologies. Petrik funds PhD research to further the understanding of the role and impact of micro-organisms in agricultural productivity for the benefit of industry in general.

Petrik Soil Technology also has its own laboratory where trials are coordinated on an ongoing basis. We value their dedication to ongoing rigour – as the understanding of the complexity of soil science is advances, so too does the agronomy expertise we offer our clients.

Petrik products undergo advanced production processes. They are microbially formulated in closed vat systems, ensuring consistency and quality.