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Lockyer Valley

Total Grower Services Lockyer Valley supports growers throughout South East Queensland. In this region our focus is on horticulture and pasture systems.

Our extensive knowledge of improving soil health and managing plant disease is giving growers in South East Queensland new solutions that directly improve productivity and profit.

The Unique Soil in the Lockyer Valley

The soil varieties in South East Queensland are unique and have changed significantly over the past 50 years of farming. This presents new problems for growers.

Fertile soils such as those of the Lockyer Valley are showing signs of depletion of some essential elements.

With a focus on building the health of soil to its maximum productivity potential, we are helping growers achieve production advantages in horticulture and pasture throughout the region.

Biological Advantages Integrated Into Mainstream Systems

Our integrated approach gives growers enormous production advantages – with vegetable and fruit quality increases showing that success lies in paying attention to the physical, chemical and biological needs of the soil and plants. The biological needs have been the most overlooked until recently and science is showing us that the integration of advanced biological inputs gives agriculture advantages.

Integration of biological inputs with mainstream farming is our speciality. And helping growers rebuild the HEALTH OF THEIR SOILS is the key to success.

By improving the health of the soil, our growers are getting:

  • Increased yield and returns
  • Better water infiltration and rooting depth
  • Increased availability of locked up phosphorus and nutrient uptake
  • Improved system robustness and disease resilience.

When the soil is balanced with the right biological and chemical inputs, the whole system becomes more robust and resilient to plant diseases.

Disease Management Key in Lockyer Valley

Soil health specialist Shane Fitzgerald, who is a leader in the field of plant disease management in Australia, and his team are changing the way horticultural diseases are managed.

The health of the soil and plant interaction determines the impact of plant disease and many common diseases, such as potato scab, are being effectively managed with little and sometimes no fungicide amendments.

Time and time again we find that once the health of the overall system improves, the diseases can no longer take hold nor dominate.

To book an on farm consultation contact Shane Fitzgerald on 0419 656 251.

To book an on farm consultation call Shane Fitzgerald on 0419 656 251
Lockyer Valley Lockyer Valley