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Orchard and Berry Agronomy

Orchard and berry agronomy

The Total Grower Services success in orchard and berry agronomy arises from our focus on soil and plant health. We include soil inoculants and custom foliar applications in our programs based on both soil tests and leaf tests.

The gains we can offer in crops like cherries, apples, peaches, blueberries and strawberries are significant where size, fruit setting, texture, firmness are vital in production and profit.

Increases in quality and yield.

In an industry where quality, quantity and size impact profits the inclusion of Petrik Soil Technology products is giving growers financial gains. The measured benefits in orchard fruits and berries shows up in:

size | fruit setting | texture | firmness | yield

These gains all contribute to packing benefits, longer shelf-life, less wasteage and higher market returns.

Petrik Soil Technology Orchard Products


A microbial soil inoculant
Digestor is a live biological soil inoculant. Its unique combination of multi-strained microbes, fungi and beneficial bacteria build humus, improve soil structure and boost crop performance. It contains species of biology that work in conjunction with both monocot and dicot plants. Digestor is formulated for Horticulture, Orchards and Broadleaf.

Green Manure Plus
Green Manure Plus

The microbial activator
Green Manure Plus is a vital activating blend of kelps and core biological essentials that is applied together with our soil inoculants Digestor or Evergreen. It contains essential “growth food” for microbial proliferation providing vital support during the initial establishment.


A powerful quality and health stimulant
Setbest improves flowering, aids fruit setting and boosts the overall health and sizing. It optimises nutrient availability at critical stages of plant growth and supports root system mycorrhizal colonies. Setbest builds plant resilience, helps plants recover from damage and is highly effective in all crop types.

The Biological Aspect of Fruit Quality

Healthy systems require a balance in soil structure, soil chemistry and soil biology. Until recently the biological aspect has been the most overlooked productivity advantage in horticulture and orchards. Growers get whole system benefits by integrating biological inoculants — with standout gains in yield, quality and profit. The gains in fruiting crops like cherries, apples, peaches, blueberries and strawberries are significant where size, fruit setting, texture, firmness are vital in production and profit. Petrik Soil Technology has a range of biological soil inoculants and foliars sprays specifically effective in orchards where quality matters.

Our Focus on Soil Health

The health of soil drives the health and productivity of the whole system which is why we pay specific attention to the structure and vitality in your soil. The quality of humus and soil structure have a fundamental impact on fruit and berry growth — influencing everything from rooting depth, water infiltration, disease resistance, fruit quality, size and texture and yield potential. Boosting the biological health of your soil gives direct productivity gains.

Our advanced soil inoculants create visible differences to your soil. The soil structure loosens, worm populations return and we create the vital humus in your soil. All of which directly influences the quality of your fruit and berries.

Petrik soil inoculants help growers achieve maximum soil functionality:

  • Increased rooting depth
  • Improved water infiltration
  • Better disease management
  • Increased nutrient availability
  • Strengthened resilience and robustness
  • Increased yield and profit