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Pasture Agronomy

pasture agronomy

Total Grower Services have extensive experience in improving pasture systems. The core of our pasture agronomy success has been through focusing our attention on soil health and the inclusion of Petrik soil inoculants in our programs.

These advanced biological inputs integrate easily into any pasture system and have a powerful ability to build humus and improve soil structure.

One of the biggest problems facing Australian pasture farmers is soil compaction. The creation of stable humus by Petrik Soil Technology products loosens the soil and allows better rooting depth and increased water infiltration. By adding this advanced microbial complex to the soil, the worm populations return.

The productivity gains we can get for farmers are important. In some regions where rain is inconsistent, the increased water penetration and rooting depth has built pasture resilience and longevity through the dryer months. Nutrient uptake is something of key significance that we know we can increase with these biological inputs. The soil inoculants contain phosphorus solubalising microbes. This means cost reductions in other inputs.

NSW grazier and farmer John Cordingley cut his fertiliser bill by 60% and increased production by over 100% since he started using the Total Grower Services recommended fertiliser program four years ago.

Our aim is to help Australian farmers maximise productivity and quality of pasture for longevity and profit.

Whole System Benefits

Pasture agronomy science is giving us new pathways to improve productivity and pasture management that has whole system benefits. By focusing our attention on soil health and increasing biological activity we get benefits from plant to animal health.

Soil Inoculants For Pasture

We recommend Evergreen and Green Manure Plus (its activator) for its effectiveness in pasture.

The products are easy to apply. We guide you with rates and how best to integrate with your current system and fertilizer inputs. The product can be boom sprayed or applied over manure which is highly effective. In inaccessible areas aerial application is recommended.

Soil Tests

At Total Grower Services we use an advanced soil testing analysis that incorporates Albrecht and Petrik analysis. This is important to allow us to address the macro and micro element needs and fertiliser amendments as required. We pay close attention to trace elements and their role.

Fertilizer Costs Down 60%, Production Up 100%
NSW grazier cuts his fertilizer bill by 60% and increases production by over 100% after adopting the Total Grower Services approach.

Pasture Agromony Consultations

We provide on-farm consults as well as remote consulting if you are outside our geographic area. The first step is usually an analysis of your soil and soil testing.

Call 1800 229 994 to book a consultation or fill in the contact form on our website.

On-Site Soil Testing
Book an on-site soil test consultation.
DIY Soil Testing
Collect soil samples yourself and send them straight to our lab for analysis.