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Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated pest management

We are at the forefront of using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques with a focus on whole stem solutions. By using some of the most progressive breakthroughs in science we are successfully managing pests in new and leading ways that are natural, highly effective and achievable on large-scale systems.

Insect populations in crops are affected by a wide array of factors including:

  • weather
  • nutrition
  • crop stage
  • activity of predators

At Total Grower Services we look at all these factors in our decision making and solutions and utilise the most effective biological products and IPM systems available.

Pest Scouting

Pest scouting

As a part of our services, we carry out pest scouting as well as surveys and nutritional visits. Pest scouting can be done fortnightly, monthly or half yearly, or as often as needed, depending on your system.

In horticulture, pest scouting is for both beneficial and harmful insects, with a focus on identifying what pests are damaging and harming the crop. We document beneficial pests as well as harmful pests, as part of IPM. Documenting beneficial predators such as californicus and SPP stethorus helps us evaluate the position of the crop and decide how to best go forward.

Pest scouting for harmful pests includes looking for damage to fruit, seeds or leaves. This detailed work requires experience and care.

Examples of our pest scouting services include:

  • Red spider mite, rust thrips and banana weevil borer in banana crops.
  • Swarming leaf beetle in avocados.
  • Fruit spotting bug in papayas, avocados and macadamia nuts.

Using Predatory Bugs

We administer carefully selected predatory bugs for pest control. Using the mite control systems of BUGS for BUGS for controlling pests, we have been successfully controlling pests across a variety of crop types. The approach involves using a combination of introduced predatory mites working in conjunction with natural predators.

We use a wide variety of natural predators including assassin bugs, spiders, wasps and lace wings.

FRUIT SPOTTING BUG - we are successfully controlling Fruit Spotting Bug through careful use of Anastasia and Egg Parasitoid Wasps.

RED SPIDER MITE – by controlled use of a combination of introduced predatory mites, that work in conjunction with the natural predators, we are successfully controlling pests such as Red Spider Mite

Improving Soil Health

We utilise the soil health activating systems of Petrik Soil Technology to improve nutrition availability, crop resilience and to access natural chemical supply and uptake.

Petrik biological products improve the uptake of key elements through natural soil plant interaction, without the need for additional synthetic application.

Through the use of advanced microbial complexes the plants maximise access to their own nitrogen supply. This factor alone is significant, as reducing synthetic nitrogen on the plants has been shown to reduce the “attractiveness” of the plants to all insects.

By reducing insecticide inputs the outcomes are important for crop growth, food quality and environmental impact – our progressive practices are a win on all levels. With increase profit for growers, we are proud that our practices enable growers to significantly reduce and sometimes completely eliminate insecticide use.