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Potato Agronomy

potato agronomy

Total Grower Services are specialists in horticultural soil health. Through improving the soil humus, structure and fertility we help growers achieve whole system benefits.

Our success in potato agronomy in large scale agriculture comes from the integration of Petrik soil inoculants into potato systems. In crops like potatoes the impact of soil health improvements are significant to crop health, productivity and overall profit.

Benefits in Potato Crops

Soil health is vital for productivity in potatoes. Petrik soil bio-stimulants are formulated specifically to build humus, improve soil structure and transform the whole system health and productivity. The benefits include:

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Phosphorus fully accessible
  • Nitrogen efficiency improved
  • Improved water infiltration
  • Soil structure and rooting depth gains
  • Improved yield
  • Scab and disease management

Worldwide Results Across Diverse Soils

Petrik products have a long history of use by potato agronomists to improve potato production worldwide. From the sandy soils of Idaho through to diverse soils of Australia, the products we recommend improve the structure of soils for potato health and productivity.

Soil Products for Potato Health and Productivity

The following soil bio-inoculants are core in our potato agronomy program - giving potato growers distinct productivity advantages to health, nutrient availability, yield and crop longevity.

  • Digestor – The microbial soil health inoculant that builds humus, lifts nutrient accessibiltiy, improves water infiltration and activates yield potential.
  • Green Manure Plus – The microbial activator and essential nutrient for soil health, microbial proliferation and nutrient releasing.
  • Bio-Release NPK and Bio-Release NS - are microbial infused fertilisers highly effective in potato crops.

Petrik soil health bio-stimulants have a progressive, accumulative and crescendo effect, with each year building on the gains of previous years, with significant changes evident after third application across all systems.