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There are continual in-house trials and analysis being conducted. We make custom foliars, test product interactions for compatibility for growers, have in-house testing facilities and partner with researchers and businesses to ensure best practices are brought to the market.

Our processes and data collection has been valuable in our research. We have collated over 20 years of infield data in Australia. This has included:

  • tracking changes in productivity over time, of some of Australia‚Äôs largest producers, as they integrate advanced biological stimulants into their system.

  • tracking the accessibility of Phosphorus from the soils reservoir of tied up phosphorus.

  • tracking plant health gains through soil health management.

  • monitoring soil health changes over large periods of time linked to input changes.

Attention to detail is important and analysis of the changes we observe infield. In our internal research we have found distinct links between:

  • trace elements and biological inputs.
  • the importance of balance on all levels in the plant system for optimum performance.

Our latest research is on infield management of Fusarium and its often devastating impact in horticulture. There are impressive results emerging from using specific soil health management techniques and some of our growers have been successfully using these management techniques for years.

Our current phase of university partnered and infield research means significant gains for growers.

Shane Fitzgerald in the lab

Shane Fitzgerald
Director & Head of Agronomy Research

Shane is a specialist in the link between soil health and plant health, and advises to growers throughout Australia on improving system health, productivity and performance. He has published a scientific paper outlining nutrition/disease relationships. This research has been fundamental in treatment approaches and in achieving outstanding crop health and returns for growers.

Ken Fitzgerald

Dr. Ken Fitzgerald
Director of Research & Production

Ken Fitzgerald specialises in chemistry and this knowledge has helped the business integrate biological inputs in with chemical amendments in the most production effective ways.