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Sugarcane Agronomy

sugarcane agronomy

Our success in sugarcane agronomy comes from our focus on improving soil health and the inclusion of soil inoculants in our programs. Bio-stimulants are a vital input addition in sugarcane for their ratooner advantges and nutrient uptake capacity.

Key productivity Products in Sugarcane

The following three liquid fertilizer products give sugar cane growers distinct productivity advantages to health, nutrient availability, yield and crop longevity. They have a synergistic impact with other common products used in the marketplace such as Liquaforce Big Shot.

Evergreen – The microbial soil inoculant that builds humus, lifts nutrient accessibiltiy, improves water infiltration and activates yield potential.

Green Manure Plus – the microbial activator and essential nutrient for system health, microbial proliferation and nutrient releasing.

Hydroboost - is also highly effective, known for its advanced penetration capacity and speed. It has a penetration mechanism that ensures any product with which it is applied gets into the leaf cuticle quickly and without loss.

Benefits in Sugarcane

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Phosphorus fully accessible
  • Nitrogen efficiency improved
  • Water infiltration improved
  • Soil structure and rooting depth gains
  • Extended crop performance with yield gains


In sugarcane the soil bio-stimulants are best applied by easy liquid injection application – injected into the row. Simply put the soil products in the second tank and apply in the same pass. Contact us for specific application advice.

Ratooner Research

On one of our grower trials in North Queensland, a poorer performing 8 year old sugarcane crop highlighted the ratooner impact. The application of the soil inputs highlighted:

  • improved ratooner
  • yield increase
  • soil structure changes

Soil bio-stimulants have a progressive, accumulative and crescendo effect, with each year building on the gains of previous years, with significant changes evident after third application across all systems.