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Goulburn Valley

Total Grower Services provides speciality soil health and Petrik Soil Technology services within the Shepparton region. We help farmers integrate the best of biological practices into mainstream farming systems to lift productivity and crop performance.

There is a flourishing core of progressive farmers in the area who are embracing the latest in agricultural technology and leading the way in Australia with some of their production practices.

Water costs are significant in the area and biological practices give farmers a distinct advantage in production and in cost savings. Growers have continually reported their ability to decrease the amount of water required as they improve the structure of their soil, gain better rooting depth and increased water infiltration.

We are partnered with local agronomists, chicken manure suppliers and spreaders to support the implementation of Petrik Biological programs onto farms.

The benefits to our grower’s production has been significant.


In orchard production of peaches, cherries and apples there have been significant increases in quality and yield. One of our growers has increased his cherry quality form 20% fit for export market to 80% export quality in the turn of a year. This has been achieved through attention to soil health and biological support mechanisms that integrate into his overall system easily.


In broadacre there are water saving and productivity benefits. The rooting depth is deeper and of better nodulation and formation. Yield improvements of 20-30% are common once you improve the soil health through the use of advanced soil inoculants.

Dairy and Pasture

In dairy and pasture, farmers are producing better quality, palatability and yield in pasture. The biological inputs we use help us achieve better rooting depth and water infiltration, making the system more robust for drier years. With a focus on soil health, there are significant health improvements in their herds. By improving the humus and microbial activity in the soil, there is faster in-ground composting and breakdown of manure. This directly impacts the health of stock breaking the worming cycles and reducing the costs of constant worming. Many of our farmers have halved their worming rates at the same time as improving the cattle health.

To book an on farm consultation call Shane Fitzgerald on 0419 656 251 or Michelle Landy on 0414 683 876
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