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NSW North Coast - Coffs Harbour

Our primary service in the North Coast is providing specialist agronomy services to the Blueberry and Raspberry Industry.

A whole farm approach is required to produce berries which yield high with required size, crisp texture and Sweet flavour. We strive to achieve a production system for growers which is Chemically, Physically and Biologically healthy in order to provide optimal conditions for plant growth and improve grower profits.

We provide specialist services to Australian blueberry growers including:

  • Soil testing
  • Nutrition programs
  • Foliar programs
  • Liming recommendations
  • Fertigation programs
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Biological Soil Balancing – using Petrik Soil Inoculant

Whole system agronomy gives growers advantages to optimum productivity.

Nutrition and the Soil in This Region

The soils in the Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga, Corindi area are high in Soil P although the availability and uptake of this element by plants is quite low which is evident from the leaf tests which are consistently displaying deficiency. Phosphorus is a biologically driven element and it is critical for cell development, DNA formation and all biochemical processes in plants.

We can more efficiently use the soil reserves of this element which would result in greater yield and improved fruit quality while saving on the P fertiliser costs.

Foliar Program

Trace elements act as catalyst in many biochemical process and deficiency can limit the productivity of plants despite good supply of NPK. A customised program of foliar trace elements is important in supplying the trace elements in the required amounts at the right time. The range between deficiency and toxicity is quite narrow so agronomic advice should be taken before any application.

To book an on farm consultation call Roop Sandhu on 0448 020 932.
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