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Petrik's HydroBoost is the ultimate spreader/penetrant for foliar nutrient applications. HydroBoost employs a revolutionary technology to achieve complete surface coverage and effective penetration of foliar sprays. HydroBoost is specifically designed for spreading of spray solutions and for ultra-fast penetration, ensuring that applied nutrients will be pulled into the leaf.

Benefits from using HydroBoost are:

  • Allow easier spreading of spray mixtures through reduced surface tension.
  • Increase adhesion of spray to the leaf cuticles.
  • Provide ultra-fast penetration and absorption of foliar sprays.
  • Guard against evaporation.

Usage Instructions

HydroBoost is used at the rate of 100ml per 500L for most situations, and up to 100ml per 300L for leaves with thick wax coating eg. avocado.

HydroBoost should be added to the tank during addition of water, just prior to filling.

HydroBoost can be added to most final mixes, however coagulation may occur if blended with fertilisers in concentrated form.

This material is intended to be sold by a qualified distributor who will give specific recommendations for the crop and area in which this materal is sold. Ideal timing and methods for application will vary across crops.